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Title: How to Stake to A Surface in SurvCE
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To stake a surface in SurvCE, you will want to use the Elevation Difference routine.  This routine will report a cut/fill in comparison to a design surface at any location within a project. The Elevation Difference command will save cutsheet data if cutsheet files are named and made active within Job Settings, Stake tab. For any surface where a centerline is defined (Road Design and Section, or Grid/Triangulation/Elevation with centerline defined), the routine will not only report, but optionally store cuts, fills and centerline position data into an alignment-style cutsheet file. With no centerline defined, the Road, Grid and Elevation methods will store cut and fill data into a point-style cutsheet file.

1	Go to the Survey tab and select #5, Elevation Difference.

2	Select the Type of Surface Model that you will be using.  Then, tap the Green Check Mark.

3	Browse to the Digital Terrain Model of your choice.  Then, tap the Green Check Mark.

4	You will be shown the Surface limits of your DTM.  Tap OK to continue.

5	The map screen will now show your location, as well as the Cut/Fill information based on the surface model.

Attached below is a document which contains pictures as well as these instructions.

How to Stake A Surface File In SurvCE.pdf