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Title: GPS Search
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In SurvCE 2.62 or higher you can use "GPS Search" to combine a NMEA GPS receiver with your Motorized instrument.  In the "Robotics" tab you can tap "GPS Search" for a quicker search routine to find your prism.

Click the link below for instructions to setup and use the GPS Search routine:
SurvCE_GPS Search.pdf

***Before following the steps below tap Equip / Localization and in the "System" tab make sure the Projection is set for your current Nad83 state plane zone or Region.  If you need to change it you can tap "Edit Projection List" then tap "Add Predefined" to select the region and state zone you need and tap Green Check three times to save your changes.

1)  To activate this feature for your motorized Total Station tap the Equip tab then tap "Total Station"

2)	Tap the Search tab in the top right

3)	Check the box for "GPS Search" then tap the "Settings" button to the right

4)	In the Settings dialogue tap "Comm Setup" 

5)	The "Comm Setup" screen is where you configure how your NMEA GPS will be connected.  You can connect by Cable or Bluetooth.  The connect icon in the top right corner allows you to check whether your communication setup is correct before moving on.

6)	Press the green check to return to the settings page.  

7)	Tap the Green Check to save your GPS Search settings

8)	Tap Green Check again to initialize your Motorized Instrument then go into Survey / Store Points 

9)	Fill out your Instrument setup tab and perform a Backsight with your GPS turned on

10)	Store 3 to 4 Robotic shots at different points of the compass. For example 1 point to the North, another point to the East and a third point to the South or West. This calibrates your Local Robot coordinates to your raw GPS positions

11)	Exit Store Points and go back into Equip / Total Station / Search tab and tap the "Settings" button to check the "Status:" to see if it shows Good or Bad along with the "Num. of Points".  If you are working with Mapping Grade NMEA GPS make sure to check the box for "Ignore Elevation"

To test the GPS Search you can break line of sight to the prism so the robot isn't tracking you then go into Survey / Store Points and tap the "Robotics Tab" then tap "GPS Search" and it should use your GPS position to motorize the instrument to your Prism so you can do a standard "Search" window to find the prism. 

***Please Note: the "GPS Search" icon will be grayed out until a sufficient localization is available

SurvCE_GPS Search.pdf