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Title: How To Install SurvCE Onboard An Sokkia SRX Instrument
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Here is the instructions for installing SurvCE into the Sokkia SRX onboard:

1) Run SurvCE on the SRX and go into Equip / About SurvCE and check the Version to make sure its 2.00 or higher
2) Tap the “Change Registration” button and write down the SurvCE serial number and Change key
3) Exit the registration screen then tap File / Exit / Yes to exit SurvCE
4) Go to and click Software Download to download the current version of SurvCE for the SRX Onboard with a filename of “”

5) After the file is downloaded = right-click on the file then left-click “Extract All” and follow the prompts to Unzip this to its own Folder

6) Insert an empty Compact Flash card into your computer
7)  Copy the contents of the Unzipped “SurvCE_SRXOB” folder into the Compact Flash card

***Please Note:  You should see the folders INI and Program listed directly under the F: drive or whatever drive letter is assigned to your Compact Flash card.  Do not copy the “SurvCE_SRXOB” folder into the removable memory card – just copy the files and folders inside of it to the Root folder of your memory card

8)	After the files are copied to the Compact Flash card = remove it

9)	Make sure the Sokkia Set5x batter is fully charged
10)	Turn off the instrument
11)	Put the compact flash memory card in the slot under the Left Side door
12)	On the instrument press F2 + F4 + 9 + ON all at the same time
13)	A menu will appear that displays these options:
    1.	Click Uninstall SurvCE first.
    2.	Click Install SurvCE.

14)	Use option #1 to Uninstall SurvCE

15)	After its uninstalled select Option #2 to Install SurvCE Version 2.62

16)	Once the installation is complete the SRX will enter the Basic Mode or whatever the last program used was

17)	To Launch SurvCE press “Programs” and select SurvCE