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Title: Carlson Software and HydroCAD
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Peter Smart of HydroCAD Software Solutions first developed HydroCAD in 1986.  It has become the most widely used Hydrology and Hydraulics software in the United States, with more than 20,000 installations. 

As Carlson Hydrology offers DTM-based and layer-based design for time of concentration and runoff coefficients directly from CAD drawings, it is a perfect fit with HydroCAD; helping users save time on repetitious data entry, increasing their accuracy, and giving them access to HydroCAD’s extensive rainfall libraries and stormwater chamber specifications

A demo copy of HydroCAD is included with Carlson Hydrology, but HydroCAD and Carlson will continue as separate companies, in an alliance.

For more information on HydroCAD, or to register your free copy, please visit or call 800-927-7246.