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Title: Feature Code Categories
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Please click the link below for a PDF document with screenshots:

Feature Code Categories.pdf

In SurvCE Version 2.50 and higher you can go into File / Feature Code List / and tap the “SET”
button in the upper right corner.

You can type in a category you want to create where it says “New Name” such as “UTILS” and click the “New” button in the bottom right corner.

Then tap the “Orange Arrow” to exit to the Code List.

Then you can edit a code like MH for manhole or EOP and set the Category for each one.

***Please Note: After assigning your new categories to your Feature Codes its recommended that you tap the Orange Back Arrow and tap “YES” to save your changes to apply the new category assignments

After you’ve backed out to the Main File menu and tapped “YES” to save your changes you can back into File / Feature Code List and now you can filter your File / Feature Code list by Category at this point.

After setting your codes on different Categories you can go into Survey / Store Points / turn “Hgt_Desc”
prompts and and store a point.

This gives a choice to filter the options to only display a custom category like “UTILS”.