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Title: Upgrading Leica SurvCE on Leica Controllers, Such As The RX1250
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With the release of SurvCE 2.50, the product "Leica SurvCE" officially goes away.  Any Leica SurvCE customers wishing to upgrade to SurvCE 2.50 will need to convert their serial number into a new SurvCE Serial number.  

They can do that by clicking the link below:

Upgrade to Carlson SurvCE 2.50

Here is a few useful links for installing Carlson SurvCE 2.50 and installing the USB Driver for RX1250:

SurvCE 2.50 Installation Instructions

Leica RX1250 USB Driver Installation.PDF

Leica RX1250 USB

After obtaining a Carlson SurvCE 2.50 serial number you can click the link below to register your new Carlson SurvCE:

Carlson SurvCE 2.50 registration