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Title: How do I transfer Data using Activesync?
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In order to transfer data using Microsoft Activesync you must first exit SurvCE.  
(You can do this by going to the file tab and selecting Exit.)

Open Microsoft Activesync.
Select File, then Connection Settings.
Make sure that all options are checked ON in this window.
Inside this window you will see a button for Get Connected.
Tap this button.
This will bring you to another window, asking you to make sure that your device is plugged in and ready to connect.


Make sure that you are looking at the Windows desktop of your data collector.
Tap on MY Computer (My Device).
Then, tap on Control Panel.
Scroll down to PC Connection and tap on it.
This will open a window for PC Connection Properties.
Inside this window, we want to make sure that “Enable direct connections to the desktop computer” is checked.
Below this is information telling you how the data collector is attempting its connection to your PC. (If you are using a serial cable, you must be set to PC-115K)
After confirming these settings, you may return to the desktop of your DC.

On the desktop of the data collector, there is an icon for PC Link.  Tapping the PC Link icon will open a window on the desktop of your DC, saying “Connecting to Host.”  This window may close very quickly.  That is ok.

When we click the next button on the PC, an animated representation of a PC sending information to a mobile device will appear.
While this is happening, tap on the PC Link icon on the desktop of the Data collector.
By tapping this button you will open the data port for a connection with your PC.  If the window on the data collector closes while the PC is still attempting to connect, you must tap the PC Link icon again to reopen it.
Sometimes you may need to be persistent with the tapping of the PC Link icon.
You will know that you are connected when you hear a “jingle” come from your PC.
The Activesync icon will have turned green.

You will now be prompted to set up a partnership.  YOU SHOULD SAY NO to this.
You will be signed on as a guest, and will be able to transfer data.


Now that we are connected, we can transfer data.

In the Activesync (4.2) window, click on the Explore button.
This opens a window called Mobile Device.
Locate and click on the My Computer/Mobile Device icon.
Next, click the System CF (C_drive) icon.
Finally, click the Data icon.

System CF (in the Explorer) is the C drive of the data collector.  It is the safest place to save your data.  If you ever need to reboot your data collector for any reason, there is no chance of your data being erased from the collector, when it is stored here.  In SurvCE, this is the default directory.  The program will not allow you to save data anywhere else.  However, when dragging data into the collector via Activesync, it is possible to put the information in any directory.  DO NOT DO THIS.  ONLY STORE YOUR DATA IN SYSTEM CF/DATA.

From this location (System CF/Data) we can “drag and drop” all data files for your jobs.  Merely hold down the “left click” on your mouse and drag the file out of the data window to your desktop (or any location on your PC that you desire).
You can also load data onto the computer in the same fashion.