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Title: MobileMapper Settings for GIS-CE & SurvCE
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To use the internal GPS of the MobileMapper CE unit from Thales, select the

NMEA GPS Receiver

Port Number: COM2
Baud Rate: 57600
Parity: None
Char Length: 8
Stop Bits: 1

Configure Reading
Make sure that you toggle off the option to Store Fixed Only

II. Windows Settings

1)     Tap File / Exit / Yes = this exits back out to windows

2)     Tap the Start button in the bottom left / tap Programs / tap GPS Utilities / tap “GPS Ports Configuration”

3)     Tap the NMEA tab in the Upper Right

4)     Check the first four boxes for “GGA Msg”, “GLL Msg”, “GSA msg” & “GSV msg”

5)     You can leave the rest of the boxes unchecked / tap OK in the upper right



III.  SurvCE Settings

1)     Open up SurvCE by double-tapping the SurvCE hardhat icon


2)     Tap the Equip tab / tap Configure = under the General tab we need to Uncheck the box for “Store Fixed Only” by tapping it once so it clears out the box / tap the green checkbox in the upper right to return to the main menu

3)     Tap the Tolerances button = enter in 100.0 for the HRMS and VRMS and tap the Green checkbox in the upper right

4)     Tap Equip / GPS Rover = set the Manufacturer to “NMEA GPS Receiver” 

5)     Tap the Comms tab in the upper left / change the Port to “Com2”

6)     Set the Baud rate to 57600

7)     Tap the Receiver tab in the Upper left = you can enter in an Antenna height and leave the rest of this defaulted to “None” / GGA / GSV

8)     Tap the Green Checkbox in the Upper Right

9)     Tap the Equip tab / Localization / tap the “Edit Projection List” / Add Predefined button / select your Country then select the proper Projection Zone from the list / tap the Green Checkbox in the upper right.   Tap the Green checkbox and you should see the correct Projection listed / tap the green checkbox in the upper right to return to the Main Menu

10)  Now tap Monitor Skyplot and you can view your Satellites and you can tap the Position tab in the upper left to view your Northing, Easting and Elevation.