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Title: Installing OEM2002 based product on LDD2 computer
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Errors in LDD2 after installation of any OEM 2002 based products (or AutoCAD 2002 itself?) 
like these:
Unhandled exception in Acadmap.arx
invalid DLL file: vlreac.dll
or any similar messages.


LDD2 needs to be patched before installing ANY 2002 based products.


*   Remove AutoCAD Land Development Desktop 2.0, Carlson and Autodesk
*   Reinstall and apply the updates listed below for AutoCAD Land Development 
    Desktop 2.0 from autodesk
*  AutoCAD 2000 Service Pack 2 (Unlocked) must be installed last
*  Verify that AutoCAD Land Development Desktop 2.0 runs correctly before 
    beginning the next procedure.
* Reinstall Carlson OEM2002 package and apply all available Carlson updates.

David Predella
Carlson Software


AutoCAD® 3D graphics system update (English locked and unlocked) These 
products include AutoCAD® 2000, AutoCAD® OEM 2000-based applications, AutoCAD® 
Mechanical 2000, Mechanical Desktop® 4, ...
TS# DL148103	Sep-24-2002
AutoCAD® Land Development Desktop 2.01 Service Pack (single-user) Note: This 
service pack is for the domestic single-user unlocked(United States and Canada) and 
international single-user locked versions of AutoCAD...
TS# DL169651	Nov-21-2002

(English) AutoCAD Map 2000 R4 Service pack 3 (Unlocked) The AutoCAD Map 2000 
Release 4.0 Service Pack 3 updates the unlocked version of AutoCAD Land Development 
Desktop Release 2 and all previous ...
TS# DL202036	Mar-28-2000


AutoCAD 2000 Service Pack 2 (Unlocked) AutoCAD 2000 Service Pack 2 updates the 
English versions of AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop Release 2.0, AutoCAD 
Land Development ...
TS# DL345506	Sep-09-2000

Updates for AutoCAD Land Development Desktop Release 2.0:
Errors when running AutoCAD Land Development Desktop 2.0 and Autodesk VIZ 4 on same computer: