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Title: Mini2 – Power Monitor Error Message displayed repeatedly
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If a Power Monitor error message appears on an Mini2, the power system has stopped responding.

If possible tap File / Exit / Yes to exit out of SurvCE if it is currently running.  

Hold the power button for a few seconds and release it when you see the Pop-up menu.  Tap "Power Off" from the menu and tap OK to the warning.  

After the screen goes blank for a few seconds begin holding the POWER button and release it when you see the Keyboard or Screen light up.

If you are unable to see the Menu appear after exiting SurvCE and holding the power button a few seconds try holding the Power button for a full 20 seconds and keep it held through the various boot screens that start and stop during this time.

If you continue to see the "Power Monitor" warnings repeatedly after a POWER OFF and holding power for 20 seconds, you can use the steps below to backup all your job files and settings then upgrade the Operating System:
Carlson Mini 2 - OS Update 1.7.7