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Title: MDB related problems on x64 bit computers
Created: 0000-00-00Last modified: 0000-00-00

In the case of reading/writing data to a Microsoft Access MDB file format, on x64 bit computers, when the Carlson Application runs as a x64 bit process, we rely on so called "DllSurrogate" server, in order to pass data between the Carlson x64 bit process and the Microsoft Jet Database Access Driver (x32 bit driver). This is Microsoft limitation.

On some computers, the creation of the registry entries, required by the Carlson Office Software DllSurrogate server, are not completed through the installation process; or in some other cases the entries are deleted by other follow-up software installations, or antivirus software setups.

If this is the case, Carlson Office Software routines, which require access to the Microsoft Access MDB files, are likely  to report an error in the command line similar to "Please install ado/adox 6.0 database server" or other MDB failures.

To correct this issue, please follow the instructions below.

1.	Download the CSADOFix.exe and save it on your hard drive.

2.	Save and Close all other programs on your computer.

3.	Right-click on the CSADOFix.exe and select Run As Administrator.

4.	Click on the Apply Fix button.

5.	Wait until the process finishes.

6.	Re-start Carlson Office Software.