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Title: Alternate Points (using Wipeout)
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It is often desirable to have the portion of polylines and other geometry to disappear beneath the survey points at the end.  This is the principal behind the 'Trim by SurvCADD Points' tool.  The downside to this trim is that the distance of the segment is shortened.  If SurvCADD bearing/distances have been placed and 'linked', this trim can cause the distance displayed to be inaccurate and is an uncontrollable by-product of the trim.

As an alternative we have produced SurvCADD points that "wipeout" the underlying geometry when placed. The actual geometry that is masked is not broken or disturbed in any way. This means reactive annotation can remain true distance.

Important usage points:

  1. These alternate symbol blocks contain WIPEOUT objects and require AutoCAD R14 or higher with the Bonus Tools installed.
  2. WIPEOUT's are part of the AutoCAD bonus tools which are NOT SUPPORTED by Autodesk or Carlson Software.
  3. WIPEOUT's (independent or contained in a block) may not plot correctly on your plotter. These may plot all black on some plotters or may not seem to have any effect on some plotters. They will not work at all on pen plotters.
  4. In the event that geometry is drawn across the masking points, you may need to float the masking point. Use the SFF (Solid Fill Float) command in SurvCADD to achieve this float.
  5. It will normally be necessary to turn WIPEOUT frames off for the desired appearance. To do this simply type WIPEOUT F OFF at the command prompt.

Note: These modified points are provided on an as-is basis and are NOT SUPPORTED.

Wipeout Points: