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Title: MrSid File Support
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MrSid Files will be supported in Carlson Desktop products with 2009 Release. May 2008.

With 2009 release MrSid can be converted using the command "import_mrsid" or the GIS Images pull down menu "Import MrSid". 

Converting MrSid prior to 2009 release can be accomplished with the following steps.

The MrSid files can be converted and used with Carlson Software products by following the following steps.

1. Download the MrSid GeoDecode Free utility from Lizard Tech. 
Windows download page is:

MrSid GeoDecode Utility

This is a command line utility that allows for decompression of MG2 or MG3 .sid files to .tif, GeoTiff, and other formats. Documentation and Sample commands included. 

2. Run the mrsidgeodecode_win.exe program from the DOS command prompt. This is located under "Start|All Programs|Accessories".

3. Convert the file using .tif or .jpg extensions and generate a world file.
	mrsidgeodecode_win -i input.sid -o output.tif -wf 
	mrsidgeodecode_win -i input.sid -o output.jpg -wf 

4. Run Carlson Software and load the JPEG or TIFF image using Place Image by World File.
GIS Tools menu or "geotiff" from command line.

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