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***This is the Survnet Resource Center***

You can use the Attached PDF Documents below for the Survnet Tutorials along with the sample files inside the file ""

For some tips on preparing an RW5 raw file for Survnet you can click the link below:
Raw File Troubleshooting Tips

There is also attachments and links at the bottom of the article for:
  Survnet PDF Manual
  Survnet Closure document
  Geoid files for Survnet
  Survnet Movies

Here is some Information on HOLDING POINTS in SurvNet:
In least squares control points are considered to have errors and they can be adjusted. Just because a 
point is entered as a 'PT' record in the RW5 raw file does not necessarily mean that the point is fixed. If you want the point to be fixed you have two options.  The first approach requires that we add in a "PT Record" to the RW5 raw file by tapping the Add pulldown then choose Point and Blank Point to hand enter the correct coordinates for the control point that we want to hold:


1) The easiest way to fix a point is to assign a small standard error for north and east standard error in the project settings. In the Project Settings dialog go to the 'Standard Errors' tab and enter .0001 for both the 'North:' and 'East:' coordinate standard error. Save the project and reprocess the project. You will see that the adjusted coordinates for the 'PT' points were basically held fixed. My bet is that you had the 'North/East' standard error set to something like .01 when the points were being adjusted. So in a nutshell to fix the control 'PT' points in a project set the 'North/East' standard error to something very small like .00001.

2) You can also enter a standard error record in the raw data file and designate the points as fixed. For example I entered the following standard error into your raw data file

CSE,N !,E !,EL*,AZ*

The '!' character tells the program to hold all the PT points that follow the CSE record fixed. Insert the CSE record into your .RW5 file (enter this in RIGHT ABOVE where your PT records are) and reprocess the file. You will see that your points are held fixed. 

Survnet Movie:
Geoid files for Survnet:
Survnet with GPS:
Survnet 5 Manual.pdf
Survnet Closure.pdf
Carlson Survnet_Quickstart Guide.pdf