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Title: Disk ID is missing during registration
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SYMPTOM: Disk ID field is missing during registration and therefore registration fails.

CAUSE: Some computers are configured with the main drive not being letter C. C may be vacant or being used for card reader or Zip-drive. The problem should be fixed in more recent versions of Carlson products, but may prevent re-registration of older ones.


1. Open "My Computer" / Check to see if there is a drive labeled "C:"
/ if you don't see any Drives labeled "C:" - skip to Step #2.

To make Drive Letter "C:" available if it is already assigned follow steps a thru d:
 a. Go to Control Panel / Adminitrative Tools / Computer Management 
 b. Click on Disk Management listed under Storage / Find current (C:) drive listed to the right
 c. Right-Click (C:) and select "Change Drive Letter" / Left click "C:" / Click the "Change" button
 d. Choose a different letter other than C from the list / click OK / click OK / exit out of Computer Mgmt. window

2. Open Notepad and type the following line:
   subst c: X:\
   replace X: with actual letter of your main hard drive.
   Save the file in easy to find location, like the root of your hard drive, under file name 'mysubst.bat' - 
   make sure that this extension is saved.

3. Click Start / All Programs / Find the folder called Startup and right-click on the Startup Folder / left-click Open

4. In that Startup folder, right-click / click New / click Shortcut / click Browse and pick mysubst.bat that we created in Step #3 / click Next / Click Finish / Exit out of the Startup Folder

5. Now Reboot the system. After reboot there will be a C drive which is a link to your existing drive letter.

Registration should now work.