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Title: How to Map the Explorer Keyboard
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In the event that your Carlson Explorer keyboard is not mapped correctly (you press a key expecting one character and instead see a different character printed) 

I) Here is a quick procedure to fix this in the field:
1) Exit SurvCE / open My Computer / double-tap SystemCF
2) Tap once on the file "CarlsonExp..." / Tap Edit / tap Copy
3) Tap X on the upper Right / Open My Computer / Double-tap Windows / tap Edit / tap Paste
4) Tap at the bottom edge of your screen / tap Start / Programs / Tools / SaveReg / tap OK
5) Start / Programs / Tools / Warm Boot / YES = this will fix the Keyboard

II) Once you are back in the Office:
It is recommended that to prevent this from happening in the future you install the Proper SurvCE Update for your Data Collector:

      a) If you are running an Explorer (the "ESC" key is in the upper left hand corner of the   keypad), then you must load SurvCE_Explorer.EXE.

      b) If you are running a Jett (the "A" key is in the upper left hand corner of the keypad), then you must load SurvCE_Jett.EXE.

***To Update the SurvCE software***
1)  Download and install the latest version of SurvCE that you are running (i.e. 1.6X or 2.X)
Go to the link below:
   a.  Click next to “Software Download” for the Version you want.  Type in your SurvCE serial number with the dashes {this is in the Back inside cover of the SurvCE Manual or on the Data Collector you can tap Equip / About SurvCE / Change Registration}
   b.  Then select the correct download in the list that matches up with your Data Collector

2)  Install Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1  
There is a Blue Box at the top of this page / click on “Download Files Below” in the Dark Blue Bar above “Quick Details” / then click on “setup.exe” / click “Run” / After it downloads click “Run” again / Follow On-Screen prompts to complete the install.

3)  When the program gets to the “Get Connected” screen, plug in the 9pin Cable from the Desktop Computer into the Data Collector. Tap File & Exit to make sure you exit out of SurvCE before the Install if you are already running a previous version of SurvCE

4)  Tap the “PC-Link” icon on the Data Collector TWICE, then immediately click on Next on the Desktop computer to search for the data collector

5)  Once the ActiveSync connects up tell it NO you do not want a partnership then It should have a Green circle and say Connected on the Desktop computer, 

6)  Double click the SurvCE file that you downloaded in Step 1.  Click yes to Re-Install, click yes to use the default directory.  Let the status bar go across on the Desktop PC, then tap OK on the data collector if it asks you to re-install.  

7)  Once the Status bar finishes on the Data Collector the install is Finished

8)  To verify that you are now on the latest version --- Double-Tap SurvCE / tap the Equip Tab /  Tap About SurvCE: Check to see that the version and date on the top match what you downloaded {i.e. – Version 1.67} tap Close after you check your version.

9)  This completes the upgrade / install of SurvCE

10)  !!!PLEASE NOTE!!!: If your Keyboard is still not working properly at this point then you will need to hold the On/Off key down for 10 to 12 seconds / release it / now turn the unit on like you would normally do and it should go to a White Loader screen.  After it comes back into windows your keyboard will work properly and the remapping is complete.