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Title: AutoCAD 2004 and OEM 2004 compatibility with older versions of Windows
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AutoCAD 2004 and OEM 2004 based products (for example: Carlson Software 2004, AgStar 2004, CSI 2004 and Autograde 2004) are not supported by Autodesk with Windows 95, 98 and ME (all editions). Windows NT is supported with service pack 6a. 

Most of the time the products will install successfully and will run, but we have seen a limited amount of users who experience random crashes in parts of product beyond our control. 

It is therefore recommended that users, who have these versions of Windows and wish to use our AutoCAD 2004-based products, consider upgrading their computers to run at least Windows XP Home. If the computer power is adequate the cost of this upgrade is around $100.

Thank you,
Carlson Software Support Team.

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