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Title: Printer-specific issues
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"Printer driver problem is detected on both orientations. Perhaps offset printing." warning.
Some printers such as HP 500 are known for driver glitches which makes impossible to position a print correctly. To avoid this please try the following:
1. Find in Windows Settings / Printers your printer driver. Click Manage->Printing preferences. Turn off "Auto rotate" feature in print driver.
2. Type in Carlson: PRINTAUTOROTATE[Enter]1[Enter]

We also have information that for HP 500 it is better to turn on "Borderless printing" in the driver settings if it is off.

2020/06 Windows Update Issue
Windows update KB4560960 released in June 2020 causes crashes on some machines. It may affect any or all printers including virtual PDF ones. The solution is to uninstall KB4560960 or to wait until Microsoft will release an update fixing this. For some printers it is possible to resolve the issue by replacing PCL5 drivers with PCL6 or Postscript.