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Title: Carlson Mini 2 – OS Update 1.9.1 by MicroSD card
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Operating system update for the Carlson Mini 2
November 2019

This is in regards to reinstalling the Operating System on a Carlson Mini2 if the unit will not boot up to Windows Mobile to connect by USB cable.

!!!Warning!!! - updating the operating system will PERMANENTLY erase all Job Files and Program files on your data collector.

You can use the steps below to reload the Operating System from a MicroSD card.

***Storage memory corruption is the likely reason a unit would get stuck during boot. There are lots of potential causes for storage memory corruption. OS release 1.6.1 and higher tries to help prevent some potential causes, but can not prevent some causes such as if the user removes the battery while the unit is still running and writing to storage memory (instead of more safely holding the Power button for 20 seconds).

Before removing the battery, first try to perform a full Power Off if possible by holding power a few seconds then release it when you see the pop-up menu and tap "Power Off" then tap OK.

Reloading the Operating System using a MicroSD card:

1) Click the temporary link below to download the file "":

2) Unzip this file into its own folder

3) Open this unzipped folder and copy the 6 files to the ROOT of a MicroSD card (Either MicroSD or MicroSDHC 32gig or less, using a MicroSDXC card will not work).  Do NOT copy the actual folder into the MicroSD card or this process will not work.

When the files are copied and you open the Drive letter for your MicroSD card you should see just the 6 files listed rather then just a single folder displayed

4) Insert the MicroSD card into the Mini2 under the battery pack

5) Connect the AC wall charger to your data collector

6) You should see the progress bar for the bootloader update followed by the OS update. Then it will continue booting.

7) This completes the Operating System update

(The update script file is deleted so there is no need to remove the micro SD card to avoid updating when you reboot your device)

8) To check that the update has been installed, compare version numbers under Start > Settings > System > System Information > System ID to see if the OS Build Version shows 1.9.1

9) You will need to download and install the current SurvCE Version 4.0, 5.0 or 6.0 to match what was installed and registered before you upgraded the operating system:
SurvCE Download Page

10) Run SurvCE and go into the File or Equip tab and tap "About SurvCE" and tap "Change Registration" and type in your SurvCE serial number in the top box making sure to include the dashes then tap "Get Code" or "Manual Registration"

To complete the registration please fill out the form in the link below:
SurvCE 5.0 Registration

***If a unit still will not boot up to Windows Mobile it will need to be submitted for repair (likely replacement of the internal storage memory).

Please click the link below then follow the steps to send this unit in to Juniper for repair:
Juniper Support

Then click on "Archer 2" and click the "My Product" icon in the bottom right.

Scroll down and click "Repair Order Form" then fill out the form so it can be sent in to Juniper Systems to be checked out.

There is options under the “Repair Lead Time” pulldown to pay extra if you want a 1day or 3day Expedite for processing this unit.