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Title: Microsoft Office Database Engine (for ACCDB and MDB)
Created: 0000-00-00Last modified: 0000-00-00

This database driver allows 64bit products access .MDB and .ACCDB files. It was included with Carlson 2016, but it is not compatible with 32bit installs of Microsoft Office, so any updates to 32bit Office can cause errors. 

Uninstall of Database Engine will resolve the conflict, but then .ACCDB files can not be opened. For .MDB the software will switch to slower COM based way to access .MDB files through 32bit ODBC driver, but it is slow and at times fails at the install time. The root cause of this problem is the fact that Microsoft removed 64bit support for .MDB files.

This driver can be installed for .ACCDB support for systems with no Microsoft office or ones with 64bit Office and no database components.

The driver is available here: