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Title: SCJSTART Blocked By Virus Protection
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SCJSTART.exe is an executable file which Carlson Software uses to launch and load its program settings.  It is possible that your virus protection software may consider this a virus.  If you have found that your virus protection has blocked Carlson's scjstart.exe, you will need to create an exception for that execuable file.
First, launch your virus protection and browse its settings to find where it stores its "quarantined" files.  Then, remove the scjstart.exe from the quarantine.
Next, find where your virus protection software allows exceptions to create one for this file.  Some virus protection will allow you to create an exception to the folder, which contains the file.  Others will allow you to create an exception for the executable, itself.
Once you have created the exception, you may relaunch the Carlson Software program.

Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue.