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Title: Maple MPE-800
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This is in regards to using the Maple MPE-800 with SurvCE 4.01 or higher

The Maple has to be put in the measurement screen before it will respond to the commands from SurvCE properly.

1) Power ON the instrument.
2) Press the "Triangle" Button to put the instrument in one of the two Measurement Screens.
3) In SurvCE go into Equip / Total Station and set it for "Manufacturer: Maple"
4) Tap the Comms tab and set it for Cable / Com1 / 9600 / 8 / None / 1

Measurement Screen #1:
    V:    (Zenith Angle)
    HR: (Horizontal Angle)
    SD: (Slope Distance)
    MEAS   MODE   S/A      P1

Measurement Screen #2:
     HR: (Horizontal Angle) 
     HD: (Horizontal Distance)
     VD: (Vertical Distance)
     MEAS   MODE   S/A     P1

F1 -> F4 are buttons that respond to MEAS, MODE, S/A and Page.

The MEAS button starts a measurement. This is not necessary because SurvCE will trigger the instrument.

The MODE button allows you to set the EDM mode (FINE or TRACK). This is not necessary because we do that through SurvCE and override this setting.

The S/A button allows you to set the Prism Constant, Temperature and Pressure. This needs to be done on the instrument because there are no commands to do this from SurvCE.

The instrument settings are described in the user manual and are changed using the MENU button. The Communication Parameters are FIXED at 9600/8/N/1 and cannot be changed.

Maple TS_DTM100 Series Manual.pdf