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Title: NGS Monument Query
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This is in regards to using SurvCE 3.0 and higher with an Internet Connected data collector as it relates to finding NGS monuments and loading them into your job.

You can click below for a detailed explanation including Screenshots:

NGS Monument Query.pdf

The NGS Survey Mark Query is in the MAP screen listed under Tools. Before doing a search enter a point or points in the area of interest. When you go into the NGS Query it will display the lat/lon coordinates of the center of the Map View.  Then you can do a radius search from that point.

NGS Survey Mark Query: This command will search the published NGSdatabase for all recorded
monuments or control points stored on the NGS website,within a specified radius of the current
position. It requires an internet connection.

The default Search Radius is the area shown within the current Map Screen view.

The latitude and longitude are calculated from the map coordinates and current projection. Since this is a NGS (US only feature) the search radius is in decimal miles.

Search NGS Datasheets will get all the datasheets for this search radius. You can expand the Search Radius further as desired. 

The program sends a request to the NGS web site. Please be patient while the data is being recalled--it may take several seconds. This will download a new search and copy it to a folder NGS_Control_jobname. The default name for the file is gis.xml. The information in these folders can be recalled (without internet connection) using Select File.
This document contains confidential and proprietary information that remains the property of 

By default, all the recalled monuments are unselected (Off). You can selectindividually or Select All. If you highlight a point, you can study its full information by clicking Data Sheet.
The button Map Points stores all selected points to the coordinate file, and they will display on the
screen. If combined with an Image Overlay, points can be easily located for reference, usable as GPS control points or as control for total station measurement.

At this point we do not import the point with vertical information.

Vertical information is printed on the NGS data sheet that is downloaded when a query is performed and a NGS monument is selected. 

The sample Data sheet below shows the elevation information on Line # 13 as "154.3 meters":

1  DH4416 ***********************************************************************
3  DH4416  PID         -  DH4416
5  DH4416  COUNTRY     -  US
6  DH4416  USGS QUAD   -  MAYSVILLE WEST (1993)
7  DH4416
8  DH4416                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
9  DH4416  ______________________________________________________________________
10 DH4416* NAD 83(2011) POSITION- 38 38 51.72845(N) 083 45 44.07914(W)   ADJUSTED  
11 DH4416* NAD 83(2011) ELLIP HT-   121.092 (meters)        (06/27/12)   ADJUSTED
12 DH4416* NAD 83(2011) EPOCH   -  2010.00
13 DH4416* NAVD 88 ORTHO HEIGHT -   154.3    (meters)!!!     506.    (feet) GPS OBS   

 DH4416  ______________________________________________________________________
 DH4416  NAVD 88 orthometric height was determined with geoid model    GEOID03
 DH4416  GEOID HEIGHT    -        -33.23  (meters)                     GEOID03
 DH4416  GEOID HEIGHT    -        -33.27  (meters)                     GEOID12A
 DH4416  NAD 83(2011) X  -    541,961.897 (meters)                     COMP
 DH4416  NAD 83(2011) Y  - -4,958,409.902 (meters)                     COMP
 DH4416  NAD 83(2011) Z  -  3,961,923.531 (meters)                     COMP
 DH4416  LAPLACE CORR    -          2.30  (seconds)                    DEFLEC12A
 DH4416  FGDC Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards (95onfidence, cm)
 DH4416  Type                                         Horiz  Ellip  Dist(km)
 DH4416  -------------------------------------------------------------------
 DH4416  NETWORK                                       1.63   1.04
 DH4416  -------------------------------------------------------------------
 DH4416  MEDIAN LOCAL ACCURACY AND DIST (003 points)   1.64   1.04    151.84
 DH4416  -------------------------------------------------------------------
 DH4416  NOTE: Click here for information on individual local accuracy
 DH4416  values and other accuracy information.