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Title: Leica TS0x with SurvCE 3.01 or Higher
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Leica Flexline TS0x Quick Start (Required: Leica Firmware 3.01 or newer and Carlson SurvCE 3.01 or higher)
You can click the link below for a PDF document with Screenshots: Leica TS0x QuickStart for SurvCE 3.0. The Leica TS0X Flexline Total Stations can accept both GSI and GeoCOM commands. Please follow the steps below on your Instrument for using the TS0x model in SurvCE 3.01 or higher:

1.   On the total station, choose 5- Settings
2.   Choose 6-Interface
3.   Confirm that your port is configured to match what you have selected in SurvCE.
4.   Hit the back arrow to go back one menu level.
5.   Choose 3- data ***Please Note: You may need to tap the "PAGE" key on the instrument to change to the Data Output options
6.   Confirm that Data Output is set to Internal Memory then tap CONT to save these changes. This will prevent GSI commands from coming out of your interface port, and causing communication errors.

Leica TS0x_SurvCE 3.pdf