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Title: How to Add A Windows Theme To A Data Collector Running Windows Mobile Via Windows Mobile Device Center
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This is the procedure for adding a theme to a data collector running Windows Mobile through WMDC.

On the PC

  1. Connect the collector to the PC with Windows Mobile Device Center.
  2. Select "Connect without setting up your device."
  3. Select File Management. Then, "Browse the contents of your device."
  4. Double-click on drive called: \
  5. Click on the "Organize" drop-down, found on the upper left-hand side of the window, and select "Folder and search options."
  6. In the Folder Options winodw, click on the View tab.
  7. Look for "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended), under the Advanced Settings of the View tab. Then, UNCHECK the box. When prompted by Windows to confirm this change, please select "Yes". Click "Apply". Then, click "OK".
  8. Now that we have made the Windows folder visible, double-click on the folder to open it.
  9. Paste the selected .tsk file here.
On The Collector
  1. Tap on the Start Menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on the Today icon
  4. Select the new theme. Then, Click OK.

High Contrast.tsk