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Title: Unable To Locate Installations To Patch, Carlson 2013 on Windows 7
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In rare cases Win7 machines are missing a new Win7 feature called a "junction" in the C:\ProgramData folder. We use this junction to access Carlson's program folder.  This establishes a consistent path between XP and Win7 machine's installations.

This junction is called "Application Data".

The path in Windows 7 should look like this:  c:\ProgramData\Application Data\Carlson Software ( which would be similar to the path in WinXP).

a) Type cmd in the Search field of the Windows Start Menu.
b) Right-click on cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
c) At the Administrative command prompt, please run these commands:

    cd \ProgramData
    mklink /j "Application Data" C:\ProgramData

Now, you may close the Administrative command prompt, and re-run the patch file.