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Title: CST Berger CST205
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This is in regards to using SurvCE 2.61.6 or higher with a Berger CST202 or CST205 instrument

You can click the link below for the PDF document:
CST202/205 QuickStart.pdf

***Please Note: The CST Berger RS232 instrument cable is NOT a standard Topcon cable. The cable will fit, but the wiring is different. Contact CST to purchase a proper cable for third part communication.

Total Station Setup
1) Power on total station and turn scope as directed on the screen, to get to the main
measurement screen.
2) Press the ESC key once to get to the info screen
3) Press F4, for CNFG
4) Press 3->Key Function, then 1->Define
5) Scroll to the second row, fourth colum using the left/right arrow keys, then use the up/down arrow keys to redefine that button to COMM
6) Press ENTER to save changes, and then escape twice to get back to the main menu.
7) Press F1 for Meas. Press PAGE to get to the second tab of menu items.
8) Press the newly defined key, F4 for COMM. The total station is now in the correct
communication mode for third party software.

SurvCE Setup
1) Run SurvCE
2) Tap the Equip tab then tap the "Total Station" button
3) Set it to "Manufacturer: CST/DW" and  "Model: CST202" (or CST205)
4) On The Comms tab, choose the correct com port for your data collector. All other
communications are hard coded for this total station.
5) Press the connect icon (left of the green check) to confirm communication, and then the green
check to configure the instrument.

Note: There is a baud rate setting on the total station, but this is not used in COMM mode. COMM mode
always uses baud rate 1200, 8, N, 1.