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Title: Importing Linework into SurvCE
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This is in regards to importing linework from a DWG drawing in the office into Carlson SurvCE on a data collector.

You can click the link below for a PDF document which includes screenshots:

Importing Linework To SurvCE/PC.pdf

1) Open the the drawing you want to use in the data collector in Carlson Survey or Carlson Civil office software {or another CAD software like AutoCad, Civil 3D, Land Desktop, etc}.   

2) Click File / Save As and save it as a new unique DWG name to prevent any changes to the original office copy of the drawing.  For example if the original drawing is Job22.dwg then you can name the new file "Job22_cleaned.dwg"

3) Then click File / Drawing Cleanup and click OK with all the default settings.   You can save the summary report for your records then exit the report.

4) Click View / Isolate Layer and left click the layers you want to use in the field.  This isolates just the layers you want to use in SurvCE.  You can also use View / Freeze Layer by pick to freeze unwanted layers.

5) After you've isolated just the linework layers you want to use in SurvCE click the Draw pulldown then click "Write Block"

6) Click the "Select Entities" icon then type "ALL" without the quotes and hit ENTER then hit ENTER again to return to the write block options

7) Click the icon with the "..." to the right of the Destination File name and path on the bottom of the screen

8) Click the "Save as Type" and change it to "AutoCAD 2007 ASCII (*.dxf)" if your using Intellicad or select "AutoCad 2007 DXF *.dxf" if your using an AutoCad engine

9) Click in the File Name box and change the drawing name to add the letter "O" behind the jobname to signify that its from the office.  For example if the original DWG drawing is Job22.dwg you would type "Job22_O" without the quotes in the file name box then click SAVE

10) Now click OK to create the new AutoCad 2007 DXF file on your computer

11) Copy this new DXF file to your Data folder in the Data Collector where your jobs are stored

12) Run SurvCE on the data collector and open job22.crd for example

13) Tap the Map Icon in the upper right and go into File / .dxf / Import .dxf and select the "job22_O.dxf" file you copied from the office.  Tap the Green Check to import the linework and display it in the map.

Importing Linework To SurvCE and SurvPC.pdf