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Title: How Do I Install SurvCE Using a USB Cable?
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Installing SurvCE using a USB Cable:

1) Download SurvCE from WWW.SURVCE.COM 
2) PLUG in the USB cable from your Data Collector to your Desktop or Laptop computer to get connected with ActiveSync or WMDC.
If you have Windows XP and need to install ActiveSync click the link below. After it downloads click "Run" and then Follow the On-Screen prompts to install it:
For Windows Vista or Windows 7 computers without Windows Mobile Device Center click the link below:
3) On the Data Collector - If you are already running a previous version of SurvCE, Tap File & Exit to make sure that you exit out of SurvCE before the Install.
4) On the Desktop PC - Double click the SurvCE file that you downloaded in Step 1. Click Run / Next / Click Accept / Click Install / Click yes to Re-Install.
5) Let the status bar go across on the Desktop PC and Click OK when it prompts "Please Check your Mobile Device" then Click Finish on the Desktop PC.
6) On the Data Collector - Tap OK if it asks you to "Remove the Previous Version"
7) Tap "Install" in the bottom left on the Data Collector to install SurvCE to the default location.
8) Once the Status Bar finishes on the data collector it will say "Carlson Software was successfully installed" --- you can Tap OK in the upper right.
9) To verify that you are now on the latest version --- Open SurvCE / tap the Equip Tab / Tap About SurvCE: Check to see that the version and date on the top match what you downloaded {i.e. - Version 5.X} tap Close after you check your version.

10) This completes the upgrade / install of SurvCE

Procedure for Installing SurvCE Via WMDC.pdf
Procedure for Installing SurvCE Via Microsoft Activesync.pdf