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Title: Performining Silent (Scripted) Installation
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These instructions apply to Carlson "add on" to CAD software, such as AutoCAD or IntelliCAD.
This does not apply to our programs with "Embedded ACAD" (i.e. Standalone).

Whenever an administrator needs to install the program to several identical computers, it may be benefecial to record all the input from a single install and then deploy the rest of the computers using the recorded input. 

Carlson is using InstallShield InstallScript engine which supports this feature in the following manner:

Start the command prompt and change to the the drive letter corresponding to CD-ROM drive where Carlson disc is located.
If you are working with a download from our website, you may substitute the "setup.exe" from the procedure for the downloaded executable file.

Run Carlson install with additional switches like this: 

setup.exe /r /f1c:\some_folder\setup.iss /f2c:\some_folder\setup.log

where /r designates recording, /f1 response file and /f2 log file. Please note lack of space after /f switches. Apparently simple paths with no special (non-alpha) characters are required.

Copy setup.iss to location accessible on the network 
On the target machine, run the setup as the following

setup.exe /s /f1network_folder\setup.iss /f2c:\some_folder\setup.log

where /s designates silent install, /f1 pre-recorded response file and /f2 log file 
The install runs very stealthy and does not generate any messages. The log file will contain return code of 0 on successful install. 

Please note that this method will use identical Carlson serial number on all the silently installed machines. This is correct in case of network license mode, but is not proper for standalone licenses. In that case, prior to registration, please navigate to Help, About Carlson,  Change registration, remove scripted number and enter proper unique serial number assigned to the workstation. After that, the new number is OK to register.