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Title: Import/Export .dwg files on a Windows Mobile powered data collector
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This is in regards to adding support for Importing and Exporting DWG drawings in SurvCE 2.52 and higher on a Windows Mobile data collector.

1)  Please click the link below to download the file "" to your computer:
DWG Conversion Files

2) Unzip these files to a folder on your desktop computer

3) Get connected with ActiveSync using a USB cable from your data collector to your computer

4) From the files you unzipped in Step #2 = Copy the file "cadfileconv.exe" into your Windows Mobile data collector into the "Program FilesSurvCESurvStar" folder

5) Now you can run SurvCE 2.52 or higher and tap the Map Icon in the upper right then tap File / ".dxf / .dwg / .dgn" and use the "Import DWG" and "Export DWG" routines

***Please Note:  If you are Importing *.DGN files you will need to copy the "cadfileconv2.exe" file into your SurvStar folder as well.