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Title: Installing 2.50 on an Explorer I & II
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This is in regards to installing SurvCE 2.50 or higher on any data collector with limited memory.

After starting the installation of SurvCE if you see a window Pop-up labeled "Select Destination Media" where it says:
Space Required:  23,095K
Space Available:  19,641K

Here is the steps to resolve this message on a Windows CE data collector:
1)  Click Cancel on this warning message on your Desktop Computer and exit the SurvCE Install

2) On the Explorer Data collector tap the "2ND" function then tap the "W" to open the Start Menu

3) Tap Start / Settings / Control Panel

4) Scroll to the bottom of the list and double-tap "System"
5) Tap the "Memory" tab in the upper left

6) Move the slider bar to the right so your "Storage Memory" total is roughly 30,000K total

7) Tap OK in the upper right to save this setting

8) Re-run the installation of SurvCE 2.50 and it should install successfully without any warnings on the Space Required

9) After the installation is Finished you need to repeat Steps 2 through 6 and move your memory slider back to the middle so it has roughly 19,000K total showing for Storage and tap OK to save this new setting

10) Now you can Open SurvCE and tap "Continue Last Job" and go into Equip / About SurvCE to make sure your version has updated to the newest install such as "2.50"