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Title: Installing Symbols in SurvCE 2.5x and Later
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!!!Please Note: For anyone using SurvCE version 5.01 or higher the symbols are installed by default. The steps below are not necessary for Version 5.01 and higher.

1) Click the link below to download the file "" to your desktop or laptop

SurvCE 2.50 File

2) Please unzip the contents of this folder to your desktop into its own "Symbols"
folder and make sure the folder structure remains intact so when you open the
Symbols folder on your desktop it should have 8 subfolders such as CUT, INLET,

3) Copy the "Symbols" folder with all its subfolders into the "SurvStar" folder on your
data collector. This can be done through the use of a Compact Flash card or through a USB  ActiveSync (or  Windows Mobile Device Center) connection.

If you are using a data collector running Windows Mobile OS (Carlson Surveyor/+,
Carlson Mini), you will save the Symbols folder to the following path on the data
collector: "Program FilesSurvCESurvStar".

If you are using a data collector running WinCE (Carlson Explorer, Exp II, Exp. 600+),
you will save the Symbols folder to the following path on the data collector: "SystemCFSurvStar".

In order to use point symbols in SurvCE 2.5X (and beyond), you will need apply them
to each code of your Feature Code List (.fcl).

Select Feature Code List (5), under the FILE menu.

Click ADD or EDIT for a selected Code, to access and use the "Set Symbol" button.

!!!PLEASE NOTE: After following the steps above you will need to go into
Equip / Configure / General tab and scroll down and CHECK the box labeled
"Use Point Symbols and Line Details". Then, then tap the Green Check in the upper
right to save your changes.
If this box is unchecked your symbols will not be displayed on−screen!!!

***Please note: Symbols aren't currently supported on the Leica RX1250 data collector due to a custom reversed monochrome color scheme

Visit Carlson Knowledgebase Article 766 for additional details pertaining to the creation of customized symbols.

Using Symbols in SurvCE.doc
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feature code list.bmp
set symbol.bmp
equipment configure.bmp
use point symbols.bmp
set symbol path.bmp