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Title: Migrating Carlson Settings from One Computer to Another
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In certain situations (e.g. reformatting a hard-drive or cloning one user configuration for another), it may be desirable to backup and propagate settings from an installation of Carlson Software into the new computing environment. To accomplish this task, follow the steps outlined below.

NOTE: The following steps involve the process for Windows XP. The steps for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and beyond will be similar but are beyond the scope of this document.

  1. Prior to beginning the process, launch the Carlson "Office" software product (e.g. Civil, Survey, Hydro, etc.) and issue the Settings → Carlson Configure command.
  2. Click the SaveAs button to save the current configuration information to a Carlson CFG file and place this file where it can be retrieved later.
  3. Exit from Carlson Software.
  4. Click the Start → Run command to launch the command as shown below:

    Start --> Run
  5. Type %appdata% (not case-sensitive) as shown above and click the OK button. The Windows Explorer should appear and navigate to your particular Application Data directory.
  6. "Drill down" to the "Carlson Software" folder or to any desired sub-folder you wish to save or back-up.
  7. Using other means (e.g. Windows Backup/Restore or Copy/Paste), create a backup of the Carlson Software folder to a location that will be available later to the new computer.

Once the new computer is available, perform the following steps:

  1. Install, launch and register the same version of Carlson Software used above. Launching the software will create the appropriate Application Data folder.
  2. Exit from Carlson Software.
  3. Restore or replace the files archived in step 7 (over-writing any existing files that might already be in place).
  4. Once complete, re-launch Carlson Software and issue the Settings → Carlson Configure command.
  5. Click the Load button to retrieve the configuration information saved earlier.

This should complete the steps necessary to migrate all the settings, blocks and user preferences from one computer to another.