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In order to install GIS CE on the MobileMapper you will need the following:

GIS CE download from our website (link below)
Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1  (link below)
The USB cable provided with your MobileMapper
The AC adaptor for charging the MobileMapper

First of all, you will need to download your copy of GIS CE from our website.  The link below will bring you to the Carlson Software product download page.  Use the pulldown to select GIS CE from the list of products.  Then, click on Submit.

The following page asks you to register by inserting your name and e-mail address.

[Please note that there is an option here to sign up for automatic notifications of updates in the software.] 

As you scroll down the page you will see different downloads for different data collectors.  Please select the software specific to you data collector, as an incorrect download will not run properly on your data collector.

Once you have located the software that you need, please save it to your desktop temporarily.  It is not common, but sometimes an install will not go smoothly and you may need to try to install the software again.

It is advisable to have your MobileMapper plugged into its charging unit to avoid the possibility of the data collector “timing out” during the install of the software.

Next, run the install for Microsoft ActiveSync.  Once the program is installed onto your PC, plug your MobileMapper into a USB port on your PC.  ActiveSync should automatically recognize your mobile device.

You will be prompted to “set up a partnership” between your mobile device and your PC.
You should say “NO”.  There is no need to set up a partnership.  The program will allow you to connect as a “guest.”

[If you “set up a partnership,” it will make it difficult to connect any other mobile device to your PC.  You will need to disable your partnership just to connect to another mobile device.]

Now that your connection has been established, you will need to locate where you saved your GIS CE download (to your desktop).  Double-click on the executable file.  This will start a Setup Wizard.  Follow the instructions.

[If you already have a version of GIS CE on your MobileMapper, you will get a warning message telling you that it is already installed and asking if you wish to continue with the re-install/upgrade.  Say, “Yes.”]

You will now be asked if you wish to install the software to the default directory.  Say, “Yes.”

Download time is approximately one minute.  When the download is complete you will get a message asking you to check you mobile device if there are any additional steps for the download.

Download time is approximately thirty seconds.

Carlson Software Download Page:
Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1: