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Title: Transferring Data from a Data Collector to a Cellphone Using Bluetooth
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In order to transfer files from your data collector to your cellphone for the purposes of e-mailing files  back to your office,, you must make your data collector "discoverable" by other Bluetooth devices.  This can be accomplished by the following instructions:

1) Go to your Windows Desktop of your mobile device.
2) Tap the Bluetooth icon on the task bar of your Windows desktop.
    If your task bar is not visable, press the blue "2ND" key followed by the "W" key on your keypad.       
    (Blue Key followed by "Start" key on the allegro)
3) After the Bluetooth options window opens, select ADVANCED FEATURES/MY BLUETOOTH DEVICE.
4) In the Bluetooth Device Manager, make sure that both DISCOVERABLE and CONNECTABLE are
    checked ON.
5) Now, use your cellphone's bluetooth capabilities to "search" for other bluetooth devices.
6) Once you have found your data collector, use the option of "browsing" the other bluetooth device
    to select the files that you wish to e-mail.