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Title: How To – Use CDMA with Leica 1200 GPS
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The attached document outlines the steps and AT commands to make an Airlink CDMA modem work using Leica System 1200 GPS.

***PLEASE NOTE in Version 2.09 and earlier:

When you are in Equip / "GPS Rover" Setup screen in the "Utilities" tab, and you are connecting to the network, the first obvious step is to press the "Connect Modem" box.  It then switches to Disconnect and the system connects up.

At this point, you have to tap the Red X in the upper right and not the Green check mark to exit this screen.  

When you press the Green check mark it kicks you out and you are no longer connected.

How-To Configure a Leica 1200 IP Modem for SurvCE.pdf