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Title: Delay vs. Extrapolate
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Base maximum correction output is 1Hz, because the string is fairly long to process.  If set rover to DELAY, the rover waits to receive a message from the base, so if it is set to 5Hz, it will see fixed, autonomous (x4).  If rover set to EXTRAPOLATE, the last known position is used and four messages are estimated in their position, resulting in fixed (x5).  Machine control receivers should be set to EXTRAPOLATE, except in a dual-antenna system.

The dual-antenna system consists of a moving base and a rover.  The moving base should be set to EXTRAPOLATE and the rover to DELAY.  They should both be set to the same rate.  The reasoning behind this has to do with the calculation of the heading and tilt.  If they are not set the same and the rover not to DELAY, then the positions are not being calculated together giving erroneous heading and tilt values.  The moving base should be set to EXTRAPOLATE though.