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Title: How To Register Carlson SurvCE
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The registration of Carlson SurvCE is a two step process:

1) Load and run Carlson SurvCE on your data collector.  If Carlson SurvCE in not currently registered, it will open in Demo Mode, and give you the option to register at this time.  Select Yes, and you will be taken to a registration screen on the data collector.

2)  To complete the registration and recieve your Change Key, you will need to visit, select the SurvCE icon (on the right side of your computer screen), and then select Register Your Copy.  Alternately, you can visit directly.  

From this page, simply fill out all the information.  Your Carlson SurvCE serial number will be a long string of numbers beginning with a 5, and should be found on a sticker in the back of your Carlson SurvCE manual.  Your Registration Code can be found on the registration dialog screen on your data collector.  Your Change Key will be sent to the e-mail inbox you list on the registration sheet.

To finalize the registration and unlock the proper components on your data collector, enter your serial number (including the dashes) in the dialog screen on your data collector, and enter the change key sent to your inbox.  After this is completed, your Carlson SurvCE license will be registered and functioning.