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Title: How do I perform math functions in SurvCE input boxes?
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Many input boxes in SurvCE allow the user to calculate math functions on-the-fly.

1. To enter rod heights while in a GPS setup screen that is not in your current units (e.g. you’re using a 2 meter pole but working in U.S. Feet), key in the following:

The Rod Height followed by “M” for Meters, “FT” for Feet and “IFT” for International Feet (Without the quotes) followed by the [ENTER] key will convert the measurement into your current units (e.g. 2M = 6.562).

2. To compute the azimuth from one point to another to automatically enter in the azimuth while using the “Point by Direction” option in “Point Store”, key in the following:

     Point ID,Point ID        (e.g. 1,2)

3. To add or subtract a value from the computed azimuth, key in the following:

     Point ID,PointID+Angle        (e.g. 1,2+90)


     Point ID,Point ID-Angle        (e.g. 1,2-90)