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Title: TCP/IP DIRECT Setup
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If your data collector is connected to the Internet and your GPS Base is broadcasting on a Static IP address you can use the steps below:

1) Run Equip / GPS Rover and tap the RTK tab

2) Change it to the settings shown in the attached screenshot:
  Device: Data Collector Internet
  Network: TCP/IP Direct
  RTK Port: Data

3) Then tap the "wrenches" icon in the bottom right corner

4) In the Configure TCP/IP Direct screen tap the pull-down list next to "Name:" and tap on  then type a nickname for your base such as "Base1" without quotes

5) Type in your IP address, Port. The IP address and Port number should be provided to you by your TCP/IP Direct Provider. It is not something which we provide to you. 

6)Set the RTK Message type. DO NOT check the Send Rover position box. Then, tap the Green Check. 

6) Now you can tap the Green Check to configure your Rover and check in Equip / Monitor Skyplot to see if you’re getting corrections from your Static IP address GPS base.