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Title: Factory Reset Instructions for the Carlson Robot
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You will need the two items below to perform this Factory Reset:
- Fully charged battery
- Compact Flash Card reader

Factory Reset Procedure:

1) Unzip the file "Factory Reset CR2_CR5 zip" (attached at the bottom of this article) to a folder on your Desktop or in your Downloads folder.

2) Insert the Compact Flash card from the Carlson robot instrument case into a Card Reader or CF card slot on your laptop or desktop computer

3) Copy the "FormatNVRAM" file from the NVRAM folder that we unzipped in Step #1 to the root directory of the Compact Flash Card

4) With the Carlson Robot powered off - insert the Compact Flash Card into the slot on the side

5) Turn on the Carlson robot to perform the Factory Reset

6) If there is a black screen with text on it showing "SHUTDOWN" or "SYSTEM" after using the steps above you can simply remove the battery then re-insert the battery to complete the factory reset process.

After a successful format of the NVRAM the FormatNVRAM file will be automatically deleted from the Compact Flash card.

7) You will need to check your instrument settings using the steps below to make sure its properly configured to use the Long Range bluetooth handle on Port2:

Configuring the Carlson Robot After the Factory Reset:

To reconfigure you radio handle, following the factory reset, please see Knowledge Base article 941.

Factory Reset CR2_CR5.ZIP