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Title: How Do Translated Points Relate to A Localization File
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In SurvCE the *.LOC localization file in Equip / Localization / Points tab is not related to the CRD coordinate file or RW5 raw file.  It is a unique file with the original control point coordinates stored in it.

If you translate and rotate the control points to new values after you have localized the Localization control coordinates are not affected.

Part of this is a protective measure in the event one of the control points in the CRD file is modified incorrectly or gets overwritten with the wrong coordinates.

You have an option to go in to Equip / Localization / Points tab and tap the localization point and then tap "Edit" to type in new translated and rotated Northing, Easting and Elevation values manually then tap the Green Check and repeat these steps for the other remaining points in the list.

Or you could erase the original localization points by tapping the "pencil erase" icon at the top and then using the "Add" button to localize again on the physical control points using the new translated and rotated coordinates and taking new GPS measurements.