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Title: How To Isolate Points in SurvCE 5 and Beyond
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Currently, SurvCE is unable to assign point groups to imported points or points surveyed in Store Points with random descriptions.

Howerver, SurvCE 5.00, or higher, has a method for layerizing new points; which are collected through the Survey / Store Points routine. This method requires the use of "Field to Finish" Field Codes.

1) Tap Equip / Configure and in the General tab scroll down and check the box for "Use Layerized Points by Feature Code" then tap the Green Check to save your changes.

2) Then tap File / Feature Code List and load in feature codes such as "MH" for manhole and if you edit this feature code and set it to "Entity Type: Point" then you can type in the "Layer:" name such as "SEWER" and tap the Green check twice to save your changes.

3) Now if you go into Survey / Store Points and store a point with a description of "MH" it will create the point on the "SEWER" layer.

4) To turn this group of MH manhole points on or off you can go to the main menu of SurvCE and tap the MAP icon in the top right then tap View / Layer and tap to highlight "SEWER" then tap the "On/Off" button to hide these manhole points from the drawing.