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Title: How to Log Raw Data in SurvCE and Convert into RINEX for Submission to NGS OPUS
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This is in regards to logging Static Files, of anything from 15 minutes on up to 2 hours or more, on a single Point; where you convert this file from SurvCE into RINEX and submit it to the NGS OPUS website to get a coordinate solution for the occupied point.

!!! Please Note: the RINEX conversion software from Novatel will only work if you are using a Surveyor+ GPS pack or SuperG GPS tablet.

If you are using a Carlson BRx5 or BRx6 GPS receiver you will need to use the Rinex Desktop software from the link below instead of the Novatel converter:
Rinex Desktop for the Carlson BRx5 or BRx6

Click on the attached link for a PDF version, which includes screenshots of the procedure.

!!! PLEASE NOTE:  Carlson Software does not operate  the OPUS webpage or offer Technical Support for OPUS !!!

If you have questions on how OPUS works or if you need further support please click the link below:

OPUS Information Page