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Title: GPS – IMU for Digital Level and Incline
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This is in regards to using SurvCE 5.02 or higher with a GPS receiver that supports IMU features such as a digital level and tilt sensors.

You can click the link below for a detailed PDF document that includes screenshots:
Using IMU - SurvCE v5 QuickStart.pdf

To use any IMU feature in SurvCE, it is first necessary to activate the sensors in the receiver. Do this by going to Equip->GPS Rover, and checking the box "Use IMU" on the Receiver tab. Note that a position rate of 5 Hz is required to use IMU features.

Individual IMU features of SurvCE are controlled in Equip->Configure, on the IMU tab.

SurvCE allows the option to view the GNSS level on live survey screen.

Check the box for View GNSS Level to view the GNSS level on the live survey screen. The digital level will let the user know visibly whether he is level enough to store a reading. A green circle indicates a reading can be stored, and red indicates that the incline of the pole exceeds the user configured tolerance, and the reading will be blocked. The digital level is aligned on the X/Y axis of the receiver. 

The face of the receiver should be facing towards the operator for intuitive display.

Users who wish to stay within level tolerance but do not like the appearance of the digital level can simply turn off View GNSS Level in the configure screen. As long as the IMU is enabled in the receiver configuration, SurvCE will still block readings which exceed the level tolerance. For those users, the Green or Red “GPS pole icon” in the top right by the Red X serves as an indicator of whether a reading can be stored at any given moment.

Tolerances are configured from the main menu under Equip->Tolerances:
The Level Tolerance defines the amount of error that will be accepted when storing points. The tolerance is defined as the amount of distance error allowable on the ground, and thus is a function of both the incline of the pole and the rod height.

Using IMU_SurvCE v5_QuickStart.pdf