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Title: How to Use 2 Rovers with 1 Base
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In order to use 2 GPS rovers with 1 base receiver, you will need to do the following:
  1. Use only one data collector to configure the base. DO NOT connect to the base with the second data collector. *If you are setup over a published Nad83 monument or an OPUS point, for which you have Grid Nad83 coordinates; you must configure the Base using the "From New Position" tab. Then, tap "Enter Grid System Coordinates" and follow the prompts to fill out the State Plane Grid coordinates. Lastly, confirm that in Equip / Localization the Points tab is empty.
  2. Make sure that whatever the first collector has in Equip / Localization for the Projection, Geoid File or LOC localization file has been copied over and loaded into the second data collector so they will solve the same coordinates. If you do need to use a *.LOC localization file you need to either copy this *.LOC to the second data collector and go into Equip / Localization / Points tab and tap "Load" to select the localization file from the first data collector OR localize the second data collector to the control points if you aren't able to copy the *.LOC file from the first collector