Carlson for Engineering and Hydrology

Civil Engineering software solutions to put you in the passing lane

For civil technicians, designers and engineers working on the design and management of our infrastructure and natural resources, Carlson Civil and Carlson Hydrology are designed to increase your productivity as you
Use Carlson Civil & Hydrology for full intergration
create better designs in less time. Read more. They’ll give you the highest level of robust automation and ease-of-use of any civil design solutions available today.

Carlson Civil and Hydrology are an integral part of Carlson Software being for the “total project.” Data gathered from the land survey industry can seamlessly transition into the Civil Engineering and Hydrology products and then “flow out” to the construction and machine control markets!

Civil Suite for Civil Engineers

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The powerful Carlson civil engineering offerings (grown from the original 1989 SurvCADD™ product) will improve your bottom line, both now and later, because you’ll be:

  • Spending less time in training and more in production
  • Meeting your deadlines, often under budget
  • Dealing with a company that listens to its clients, incorporating updates requested by them
  • Getting the tech support you need, when you need it, and for free
  • Spending less on updates (Subscription) throughout the life of the software (plus have the ability to work on any AutoCAD® or MAP® versions 2004 and up and/or IntelliCAD®7.2, which comes free with the software)

Powerful Automation with the Flexibility You Need

  • Carlson Civil Suite: Civil, Survey, Hydrology & GIS– all it one! Continue ->
  • Carlson Civil: Easy-to-use and powerful Road, Site & Lot NETworks Continue ->
  • Carlson Hydrology: True 3D design feeding directly into flow calculations & drainage design Continue ->Carlson Hydrology
  • Carlson Survey: Produce more with the #1 choice of land surveyors Continue ->Carlson Survey
  • Carlson Natural Regrade: Go “green” with this natural way to reclaim & beautify land Continue ->Carlson Natural Regrade