Surveyor2/Mini2 Patch Improves Bluetooth/WiFi Performance

By Karl Nicholas • June 1st, 2015
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Carlson Software has released a patch for the Carlson Surveyor2 and the Carlson Mini2 data collectors and imp4Surveyor2roves the performance, reliability and stability of the data collectors especially when Bluetooth and WiFi are on at the same time. Instructions for installing this patch can be found in the Carlson Knowledge Base article #962 at this link:

It is recommended that all current Surveyor2 and Mini2 users install this patch, especially if the Surveyor2 or Mini2 is being used to control a robotic total station via a long-range Bluetooth handle or if the Surveyor2/Mini2 is operating with a GNSS receiver in Data Collector Internet mode.

The patch takes a couple of minutes to install. Installing the patch will not delete any files on your computer and will not remove SurvCE. It is a good practice to backup any important data on your data collector before performing updates of any kind.

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