Scanning the New Year for Inspiration

By Steve Cummings • January 20th, 2020
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We at Carlson hope that you had a great 2019 and are poised and ready for another great year in 2020. Everything came and went so fast last year – we got cheated almost a whole week from Thanksgiving to Christmas and Wednesday is the worst day for Christmas and New Year’s Day. I have to admit that, for a moment, I had less than 100% motivation and enthusiasm when I showed up for work Monday, December 23.

That was until Nuno Fernandes arrived from our office in York, England with Carlson’s brand new not even released yet terrestrial scanner, the Carlson Scan2K, and said

“Let’s go scan my building.”

Luckily, no one was injured as I jumped up for my desk and sprinted for the coat rack to help.

The building was not constructed by Daniel Boone’s blind grandma – I think it was built by Dan’s brother Jacob’s tavern clients who couldn’t pay their tab.

Nuno’s goal, for example, was to determine the vertical deflection of the second floor and the horizontal deflections of the walls. In other words, the walls are leaning and the floor is sagging.

My goal, on the other hand, was to do whatever I could to help Nuno with his building. Why? Because his plans include a microbrewery! Enough said.

Interior scan in short range mode

Well, I’ve got a million of them, although many argue none are funny so I say

“Does this Scan2K run on DOS?”

Nuno, actually recognizing this as an attempted joke, replies

“It stands for 2 kilometers, you jerk.”

Two kilometers? Are you kidding, this thing can scan two kilometers?

Actually, that’s just the long range and it will collect 50k points per second at that distance. There’s also a mid-range setting, 750 meters, where it will collect 200k points per second and a short-range, 250 meters, where it will collect 500k points per second.

Now neither Nuno nor I are much for reading instructions, so we set it up, turned it on and started scanning. The software walked us right through, we set up the units, used the default 360 degree horizontal and default 120 degree vertical fields-of-vision, chose our desired scan density, realized it would take nine hours (it told us), adjusted that density and scanned the first floor interior in 6 minutes.

Easy to use (obviously, since Nuno and I pulled it off), versatile, weather resistant, touch screen display, built-in cameras, hot battery swap, 2.5 hour battery life, auxiliary power cable, external interface via ethernet, USB or wireless LAN, processing software and more.

Perhaps January 2 was a great day to scan the bridge next to the office. Know what I mean?

Exterior scan made using long range mode

We’ve got lots of other great equipment and software coming your way in 2020. We’ll also be adding new content to Carlson Academy for those customers with up-to-date maintenance to study tutorials, watch sequenced learning path videos and more.

We’re planning many more webinars, better help documentation, a slew of new features in our software packages.

As with our new scanner offering, we’ll continue to lead the world in vertically integrated, easy-to-use software and state-of-the-science equipment to make your job easier and more productive (and fun).

But don’t worry, all this great new stuff won’t diminish what we already do. We’d like to thank you for telling Clear Seas Research that Carlson is best in

Product Quality (by a mile)

Product Support (by a country mile)

Price Fairness (by a country mile on a dirt road) and

Technological Leadership

And we pledge to continue this striving for excellence.

Happy New Year!


Steve Cummings
BIM/Parametric Design Specialist

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